April 26, 2006

World’s largest car rally to be run in U.S.

Los Angeles, California – Cannonball Run World Events has announced that it will hold the Great American Run from July 29 to August 4, 2007. An American version of the Cannonball Run Europe rally, it promises to be the largest coast-to-coast car rally in U.S. history.

Four hundred cars will start from Atlanta, Miami, New York and Washington, DC on a 4,828 km adventure. The object is to obtain an average speed of 98 km/h (61 mph) over the entire route, while stopping overnight in various cities to take part in evening parties.

“Safety is paramount to this event and in the previous five years and seven events held in Europe we have never had a serious accident and we believe that this is due to the way we police our own event with very strict rules,” said Tim Porter, managing director, Cannonball Run World Events. “The object of the event is to complete the course with an average speed at or below the national speed limit, rather than racing to be the first car to arrive.”

All 400 drivers and their co-pilots will ultimately join together in Las Vegas and travel together on the final 434 km journey to Los Angeles. The cars will have to negotiate 16 different checkpoints along the routes, and complete a track day at one of four different racetracks to get to the final destination. Expected vehicles range from exotics such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis, to American muscle cars and customized Japanese imports. The event is open to all licensed drivers; entry fee is US$10,000, which covers all accommodations, meals and parties. For more information, visit www.cannonballworld.com.

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