March 19, 2002

World Rally Championship to be shown online

Auckland, New Zealand – Motor rally fans will get a new perspective of the 2002 World Rally Championship (WRC) with Virtual Spectator’s presentation on the Internet of the Spanish Rally in Catalunya, March 22-24.

Virtual Spectator, which revolutionized the way fans watch America’s Cup sailboat racing, has for the past two years been developing its new three- dimensional animated PC software that lets motor rally viewers watch and compare the performances of their favourite rally drivers in an online virtual environment.

During the recent Winter Olympics, downhill skiing fans watched superimposed television replays of top competitors for the first time. Now, in similar fashion, World Rally Virtual Spectator users can select multiple cars for direct comparisons using the software’s “Parallel Racing” feature. Fans can also select their own camera angles, plus on-screen details such as car speeds and split times.

World Rally Virtual Spectator uses satellite positioning technology and in-car sensors to model every turn, slide and spinout as competing cars speed at breakneck speed through the twisting rally courses.

Lindsay Fergusson, Chairman and CEO of Virtual Spectator, said: “This revolutionary new product for Internet viewers was developed in tandem with our World Rally television broadcast applications which enjoyed a spectacular debut at the Rally of France on March 7. The operation of the WRC technology involves both Virtual Spectator and our partner, International Sportsworld Communicators (ISC), holders of the TV and commercial rights to the WRC.”

Rally fans can download and register VS on-line at from Monday, March 18. There is no cost for registration. Subscriptions are charged per event, and are expected to cost about $US9.95. Important information about computer system requirements and additional product features is also available.

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