Las Vegas, Nevada – Drivers will eventually be able to charge their electronic devices wirelessly in their cars, thanks to a new system under development by Delphi Automotive.

The system, displayed this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, transmits power over distance to deliver a charge without precisely positioning the electronic device that is receiving the charge. The system will eliminate the clutter, inconvenience and distraction of multiple charging cords, the company said.

“From navigation systems to cell phones to personal computing devices, we are tied to our favourite electronics, but we won’t always have to be tied to charging cords for them to work,” said Christopher Reider, global director of engineering for Delphi Connection Systems. “Instead, our system will  use magnetic fields from hidden power source resonators placed in the vehicle interior to automatically power these devices through high-efficiency, hands-free charging.”

Delphi intends the system to be production-ready by model-year 2014. The system uses magnetic resonance technology, which is superior to traditional inductive charging because it can transmit power over greater distances, does not require precise device positioning in order to deliver a charge, and can charge multiple devices at the same time. The consumer devices simply need to be in proximity to the power source, not directly touching it. Traditional inductive charging systems can only charge one device per charging coil, and the device must be resting on top of the pad to be charged.

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