Toronto, Ontario – Winter tires save lives and prevent injuries, according to the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC), which cited research conducted by the Government of Quebec in the two years since winter tire use became universal in that province.

The 2011 study, which compared Quebec statistics before and after winter tire use became required, shows that in the past two winters there has been a 5 per cent reduction in road-collision injuries that can be directly attributed to winter tire use. The research concludes that the widespread use of winter tires has prevented about 575 collision injuries each winter in Quebec, and that vehicle crashes resulting in death or serious injury declined by 3 per cent.

“When people ride on winter tires, road-accident fatalities and injuries decrease,” said Glenn Maidment, president of the RAC, which represents tire makers. “Considering that only 51 per cent of Canadian motorists use winter tires, the Quebec experience should give us all pause for thought. There now can be absolutely no doubt that winter tires offer the safest winter driving experience.”

More information on winter tires can be found at Be Tire Smart.

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