November 27, 2006

WinSmart Showcase promotes strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Representatives of federal and local governments have announced the launch of the WinSmart Showcase in Winnipeg. The project demonstrates, evaluates and promotes effective strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from urban transportation in that city; the project will receive up to $3.5 million in funding from Transport Canada.

Situated between the University of Manitoba and downtown Winnipeg, the area of the city that experiences the heaviest traffic, WinSmart promotes environmentally sustainable transportation practices. These include demonstrations of two 60-foot articulated hybrid diesel-electric buses; enhanced transit systems, Park and Ride facilities and paths; and improved freight practices, refined truck routing and the promotion of e-commerce delivery.

One of the largest projects in WinSmart is the construction of an active transportation path from The Forks to the intersection of Jubilee Avenue and Pembina Highway. The path will be a combination of new construction through the Fort Rouge Yards, and upgrades to existing paths along the Red River.

The project is part of the Urban Transportation Showcase Program, which was allocated a budget of $40 million to promote strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in municipalities. Transport Canada provides a maximum of one-third of eligible project costs.

A profile of the WinSmart Showcase can be found at Transport Canada’s website.

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