Ottawa, Ontario – A majority of Winnipeg residents polled support photo enforcement for speeding, according to a new study by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF).

As part of the ongoing study, people in the Winnipeg Census Metropolitan Area were polled on various aspects of road safety, including their level of concern for drinking and driving, running red lights and speeding.

“The levels of public concern about road safety in general and the specific road safety issues that are the focus of this particular study are in line with levels of public concern coming from other independent sources,” said Ward Vanlaar, vice-president of research at TIRF.

Of those polled, 54 per cent said they are very or extremely concerned about road safety, which the survey said is indicative of road safety being considered a mid-level priority to the public.

Regarding specific road safety issues, 89 per cent were concerned about drinking and driving, while 78 per cent were concerned about running red lights, and 60 per cent had high levels of concern about speeding.

About 80 per cent of Winnipeg residents polled thought the photo enforcement safety program makes the public more aware of the issue of speeding, while 81 per cent support the continuation of photo enforcement, and 71 per cent believe the program helps improve road safety in Winnipeg. Even among those who had been caught and received a ticket, the level of support for the continuation of the program was still 74 per cent.

“Virtually everybody seems to be aware of Winnipeg’s photo enforcement safety program,” Vanlaar said. “When asked whether they knew about the program, about 95 per cent confirmed they did.”

Studies undertaken in other areas, including Ontario, British Columbia, California,Virginia, Arizona, Singapore and Australia found significant decreases in average speed, speeding violations, red light violations, speeding collisions and right-angle crashes, Vanlaar said.

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