Wilmington, Delaware – White, silver and black continue to dominate the global mass auto market, but car enthusiasts worldwide are leaning toward various treatments of blue, according to the DuPont Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. The report is a special mid-year survey of leading auto industry designers and a global team of DuPont colour designers; the company has released a year-end, data-based snapshot of mass market car colour preferences for 55 years.

In the Asia Pacific region, dark blue metallic is popular and is being fine-tuned for that region, while candy whites and tri-coat pearl finishes are also extremely popular; luxury car buyers in Asia-Pacific countries continue to favour black and mid-tone metallic greys, while champagne is favoured over light silver in medium-size cars.

Blue, which overtook silver in popularity in Europe last year, is still the most important chromatic colour in that area, with 12 per cent of the market. Chromatic colours are those with hue, unlike white, grey and black.

In Latin America, the “achromatic range” including white, silver, grey and black dominates consumer preference, and while green led the chromatic colours for several years, blue now seems to be the most popular. In North America, blue also plays a role, with designers seeing lighter blues emerging with a reddish accent, and medium or dark shades of blue with green accents. White tri-coats such as pearls are chosen by buyers for their luxury presentation, while orange, gold and reddish gold are emerging influences.

“While current economic conditions in North America are not being felt in car colour choices, people are clearly being influenced by the ‘green’ movement, with natural versions of bold colours taking hold,” said Nancy Lockhart, DuPont colour designer for North America. “For example, copper seems to be replacing flashier gold finishes and royal blues will give way to lighter, cleaner and more water-like blues. Even white will change, with ultra whites and yellowish whites giving way to cleaner versions.”

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