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Ever wonder what kind of car you would be? Or are you already sure of your year, make, model, and even the trim….

Well, I always wanted to be a Porsche when I grew up, so I had my fingers crossed and my lucky rabbit’s foot rubbing the computer to try and sway’s new autoLYZER Facebook app, and it worked, sorta’.

See, when I say Porsche above, I mean, of course, Porsche’s signature 911. Last time I played one of these car-personality games, I turned out to be a Lambo — loud, obnoxious, and fast — I really have no idea how they come up with these results….

Turns out, autoLYZER thinks I’m the fat Porsche, the Cayenne; however, I can take some consolation in the fact that I am the 550-hp Cayenne Turbo S, so I am both fast and fat! Then again, it’s easy to understand how the autoLYZER landed on the Cayenne, and the classy Saab 9-3 sedan and Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV — being a family man, my Facebook page is covered with posts about my daughter and my status set to Married. I suppose I should be grateful — autoLYZER must be looking out for me or reading all my complaints about child car-seat installation in low vehicles and how much I appreciate the easy load-in height of crossovers and minivans.

Somehow, Social Editor Mike Schlee hotwired the app and turned up an original Ford GT — fast, rare, and valuable.

Anyhow, the autoLYZER Facebook app scrapes your Facebook page, your status, likes, posts, friends posts, etc. in order to match you to a vehicle from’s hundreds of thousands of listings that would potentially suit your lifestyle and needs.’s release of the app is also backed by a unique study of Canadians’ vehicle purchase and ownership attitudes.


Toronto, ON – Step aside chocolates and oysters, a new survey reveals the car may be our new aphrodisiac.  More than one in three Canadians (36 percent), including almost 40 percent of women and close to 50 percent of young Canadians under 35 report driving a sexy car makes them feel more attractive.

Findings from the new study were released today, and came from The CarCourting Report, commissioned by and administered by Angus Reid across Canada.

“Canadians really didn’t hold back in this study, showing us that although choosing a car might seem like a wholly rational decision, emotion and even social implications are a major influence on Canadians car buyers,” said Ian MacDonald, Director of Marketing, Trader Corporation.  “We discovered that people not only judge others on the type of car they drive, they also internalize their choices – cars appear to be a key part of how we identify ourselves personally.”

Case in point: a full 61 percent of Canadians admitted they would even walk away from purchasing the car of their dreams if it wasn’t the right colour!  Moreover, 41 percent believe people should drive cars that match their personality (rather than simply what’s best for their circumstances). This figure jumps to 47 percent among young Canadians under 35 years of age for whom image is clearly a more important consideration. One in five Canadians even go as far as saying people should drive cars that match their appearance.

Based on such personality matching, survey respondents assigned the following cars to some of our most-loved Canadian celebrities (based on the most popular vote):

  • Ryan Gosling would be a macho Ford Mustang
  • Shania Twain would be a stylish BMW 3 Series
  • Wayne Gretzky would be an active Subaru Forester
  • Pamela Anderson would be a status-seeking Porsche 911
  • Alanis Morissette would be an environmentally friendly Toyota Prius
  • Michael Bublé would share the limelight with Ms. Twain as a stylish BMW 3 Series

Canadians looking for their own perfect match can test-drive’s new Facebook app, dubbed “The autoLYZER”, which is launching today.  This unique app helps Canadians discover three automobiles which are for sale on at that moment in time, best suited to their personality and social life.  The app analyzes real-time data on your Facebook page, looking at an individual’s lifestyle, interests, social activities, and Facebook friends’ opinions in existing posts to help narrow down which cars would be the best fit for you personally. All in a matter of seconds!

“This study confirmed our hypothesis that the car-buying process is a very social and emotional one today,” said MacDonald. “Sixty-four percent of Canadians said they would seek out advice from friends and family when car shopping; our new autoLYZER app leverages the latest technology to assist with that exact need — to give Canadians that kind of advice and present them with real cars for sale from’s 389,000 current listings.”

When it comes to finding the true love of our lives in automobiles, sadly, this country falls short.  More than 7 in 10 Canadians polled (71 percent) said they were not in love with their current ride.  But by no means are we a country of quitters! When it comes to courting cars, the majority of Canadians (58 percent) report being open to experimentation — admitting they would test drive many different makes and models before settling on the car they like best.’s new autoLYZER app may help them curb those wild ways by narrowing down their selection process, so they can ultimately unite with their true automobile love.


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