This week’s Recall Recap brought to you by seatbelt anchors, curling floor mats, electronic safety nannies, and…spare tires?

Back in the ’50s, there were no seatbelts to stop you from going through the windshield or computers controlling the car in a skid. Why do we need them now? Because we need something to write about when they fail. Here we go…

Mercedes-Benz is first up this week. On GL-Class SUVs, the seatbelt anchors for the second row may not have been properly tightened. So, even if Jimmy Jr. is strapped in during an accident, he may become the bouncing object in a game of in-car pinball. Good for us Canadians, we’ve only bought 30 GLs of 2013 vintage.

On certain vehicles, seatbelt anchors for the second row seats may not have been sufficiently tightened during vehicle assembly. Failure of the seatbelt anchor to restrain the seat occupant during a crash could increase the risk of personal injury. Correction: Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, tighten the second row seatbelt anchor bolts.

Units Affected: 30
Model Year(s) Affected: 2013

Floor mats: winter protector of carpeted interior, omnipresent dealer upsell, and silent killer. If the mats in Subaru Foresters are exposed to heat, they can curl, and could cause some footwork interference for the driver. Which somehow explains why they’ll replace all four in each affected car…

On certain vehicles, the floor mats can curl when exposed to heat. A deformed mat could interfere with the driver when shifting his/her foot from one pedal to another. This could cause a delay in brake pedal application, which could increase stopping distance, possibly causing a crash resulting in property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace the vehicle’s four carpeted floor mats.

Units Affected: 1,000

Model Year(s) Affected: 2014

Electronic nannies in Hondas are having a Fit. The vehicle stability assist (or VSA if you get worked up by acronyms) could go AWOL right before you lose traction and go off the road. Only the Fit Sport is affected by this recall. If you like FWD powerslides, why bother?

On certain Honda Fit Sport models, the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system may not function as intended. In some instances, this could allow the tires to lose traction and the vehicle to skid without intervention by the VSA system. If the vehicle strikes a curb or slides off the roadway, it could result in a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will reprogram the Vehicle Stability Assist software.

Units Affected: 2,016

Model Year(s) Affected: 2012-2013

And lastly, Nissan is recalling 2013 model year Altimas for…wait for it…improperly inflated spare tires. Someone at Nissan (or a supplier) couldn’t figure out the difference between PSI and kPa. That person is probably in the hospital now.

On certain vehicles, the spare tire may have been under- or over-inflated during assembly. In some instances, the over-inflation may have been significant. High trunk compartment temperature, such as when the vehicle is parked in the sun, could cause an over-inflated tire to burst. Also, if the spare tire is installed as a road wheel, an under- or over-inflated tire could fail. These issues could result in property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will check and, if necessary, adjust the spare tire inflation pressure.

Units Affected: 10,005

Model Year(s) Affected: 2013

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