This week’s Recall Recap brought to you by airbags…lots and lots of airbags. Also, brakes and shift-interlock issues make an appearance.

The airbag recall that reared its ugly head last week has been officially posted with Transport Canada. We have the details on all the models affected. In addition, some other safety items are causing some turmoil with the Japanese.

Oh, and this is the first week no domestics are on the list. Kinda. I’ll explain below.

First up, NOT the airbag recall. Let’s get the little ones out of the way. Brakes are failing on new Pathfinders and JX35s. A front brake caliper mounting bracket may have been manufactured the opposite of correctly.

[Side note: Google Chrome and almost every other application with spellcheck thinks caliper is an incorrect spelling of the word. We need more gearhead programmers.]

On certain vehicles, the front brake caliper mounting brackets may have been manufactured incorrectly and could fail, which could result in a loss of vehicle control. This could also increase stopping distances. Both issues could result in a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace one or both front brake caliper mounting bracket(s).

Units Affected: 876
Model Year(s) Affected: 2013

Hondas and Acuras are having dreams of becoming pontoon boats. The shift interlock mechanisms may not work correctly in cold weather, allowing you to shift out of park without depressing the brake pedal. All you people in Wawa, Ontario better get your cars fixed pronto. Models affected include the 2013 Acura RDX and 2012-2013 Honda Odyssey and CR-V.

On certain vehicles, the brake-shift interlock may not function properly at low temperatures. This could allow the transmission gear shift lever to be moved out of the PARK position without depressing the brake pedal. Depending which gear the driver selects, the vehicle could begin to move forward or backward immediately. This movement could result in property damage, or cause the vehicle to strike a bystander, potentially resulting in personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace the gear shift assembly stopper.

Units Affected: 20,763

Model Year(s) Affected: 2012-2013

Okay, here is the biggun – the airbag recall – affecting the Japanese (and one domestic) vehicles. Basically, if you own an early-2000s Japanese vehicle, time to get into the dealer. The one domestic – Pontiac Vibe – is a clone to the Toyota Matrix so it is affected as well. It also happens to be the ONLY domestic on the list this week. GO HOMETEAM GO!

Total Canadian vehicles affected: 274,315.

The model list is as follows:

Make Model Year
Infiniti FX35 2003
FX45 2003
I35 2001-2003
QX4 2003-2004
Nissan Maxima 2001-2003
Pathfinder 2002-2003
Sentra 2001-2003
Pontiac Vibe 2003
Lexus SC430 2002-2003
Toyota Corolla 2003
Matrix 2003
Sequoia 2003
Tundra 2003
Mazda Mazda 6 2004
Acura EL 2001-2003
Honda Civic 2001-2003
CR-V 2002-2003
Odyssey 2002

On certain vehicles, the passenger (frontal) airbag inflator could produce excessive internal pressure during airbag deployment. Increased pressure may cause the inflator to rupture, which could allow fragments to be propelled toward vehicle occupants, increasing the risk of injury. This could also damage the airbag module, which could prevent proper deployment. Failure of the passenger airbag to fully deploy during a crash (where deployment is warranted) could increase the risk of personal injury to the seat occupant. Correction: Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the passenger airbag inflator.

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