Edmonton, Alberta – With new distracted driving legislation in full effect in Alberta, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) have partnered to launch a new website that provides information on the dangers of distracted driving.

The website, at Distracted Driving, uses a simulation engine to illustrate the potentially deadly consequences of taking your attention off the road. Users are put in the driver’s seat and can select road conditions, speed and distractions to see the impact that distraction has on the time and distance that the driver’s attention is off the road.

“There are no accidents when it comes to distracted driving; there are only collisions,” said Kurt Paterson, vice-president and COO of AMA Member Services. “A distraction can last only a moment, but the consequences last a lifetime. With so many distractions behind the wheel, it’s easy to become complacent. It’s important that we all stay focused on the road.”

International research shows that 20 to 30 per cent of all collisions involve driver distraction.

An iPhone application related to the website is under development and scheduled for release later this fall.

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