July 25, 2002

Web-site offers useful information for used car buyers

Montreal, Ontario – A Canadian web-site, AutoFacts.ca, is offering used car buyers a vehicle history report that reports salvage history, write-offs, stolen vehicle reports, odometer fraud, recalls, title status, registration location history, outstanding liens, and other information useful to Canadian used car purchasers.

“As a buyer, you have a right to know the complete history of the vehicle for sale, said Denis Jolicoeur of Autofacts. “Questions, you can’t ask enough of them when it comes to buying a used car: Has it been rebuilt; was it done properly? Where is the vehicle from? Does it come from an area in Canada where a lot of salt is used on the roads making rust an issue?”

According to a recent Consumer Reports Special Report, about half of the annually estimated 2.5 million vehicles totalled each year in North America are sold at salvage auctions, rebuilt and put back on the road. Car theft is a $20 billion problem in Canada. The Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau of Canada reports that about 300,000 vehicles are totalled each year in Canada and about 175,000 cars are stolen every year. About 30 per cent of the vehicles stolen are never recovered. Consumer advocates and police believe that every year tens of thousands of other vehicles suffer odometer tampering and rollback and thousands more damaged cars cross the border from the United States, including vehicles with flood damage.

“It’s wise to take some time to research your purchase before making a decision; otherwise, you may suffer countless headaches and waste thousands of dollars,” said Jolicoeur.

You can reach Auto Facts at (204) 237-3352, toll free at 1-866-892-3601 or online at www.autofacts.ca.

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