July 11, 2007

Web site launches online E85 location tool


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Nevada City, California – NearBio, which provides daily updates of its biodiesel station database, has announced the first U.S. alternative fuel locator for mobile devices. The free, daily updated NearE85.com is accessible from cell phones and mobile devices, and enables users to find the nearest E85 ethanol fuel stations based on city, U.S. zip codes, or GPS coordinates, including driving directions, hours and payment options.

Cell phone users can access NearE85.com and retrieve the five nearest E85 fuelling locations, along with driving directions, phone numbers and other details; for mobile devices that do not have Internet access, NearE85 supports location retrieval via text messaging.

NearE85 staff calls each location for availability and include only stations with retail pumps. The company’s Web site, at www.NearE85.com, has features including sending E85 station data to cell phones for future reference; a daily E85 news feed; and the Biofuel Route Wizard, which allows a user to draw a route on a U.S. map. The system then analyzes the route to find all biofuel stations within 16 km of the route; the information can be downloaded to a navigation device using the GPX standard format.

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