Ottawa, Ontario – Transport Canada has issued a warning for certain Cosco and Eddie Bauer child/booster 2-in-1 seats. The agency said that when in forward-facing mode, the harness system restraint that holds the child into the seat can loosen.

The resulting slack in the harness system reduces the effectiveness of the seat in the event of a collision, which could create excessive movement of the child’s head and body, and lead to serious injury. To date, there have been no reported injuries.

The warning affects 79,254 units manufactured between November 1, 2003 and December 31, 2005. The models are Cosco Adventurer 2209CBNG; Cosco Ventura DX 2249CFLG; and Eddie Bauer models CRS/HBB – 2258CSHL, 2285CEBN, 2285CMBP, 2289CAFD, 2289CARD, 2289CBGL, 2289CBLD, 2289CHLT, 2289CHML, and 2289CMAC.

Transport Canada issued a public notice on August 31, 2007 to inform Canadians of harness slippage of all Dorel Juvenile Group’s 3-in-1 infant/child/booster restraints. Due to additional complaints received by Transport Canada and Dorel on restraints not included in the original notice, the company has extended the notice to include the above-mentioned restraints.

Dorsel will provide a replacement adjuster strap for the affected models, which will eliminate slippage. Consumers who have completed and returned their registration cards will receive notice by mail. Those who did not return the cards should contact Dorel Distributions Canada at 1-800-219-0540, or by email at

The company recommends continued use of the product until the replacement strap is received.

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