Ottawa, Ontario – The new 2009 War Amps key tags are beginning to arrive in mailboxes, with a story behind the logo of the association’s Child Amputee Program (CHAMP). The logo depicts an amputee veteran flanked by amputee children, with the National War Memorial as the background.

The CHAMP program provides artificial limbs, recreational devices and annual seminars for amputee children and their parents. The association also provides programs such as Matching Mothers, where an experienced CHAMP family counsels the family of a new amputee; Jumpstart, which provides multiple amputee children with computers; and Webmasters, which offers the children training in web site design.

“We war amputees call CHAMP the one good thing to come out of the war,” said Cliff Chadderton, CEO of War Amps. “It is the War Amps legacy, amputees helping amputees.”

Since 1946, the War Amps has returned more than one million sets of keys, through each key tag’s confidentially-coded number. The association said that its service is more vital than ever with the extremely high replacement cost of electronic door openers and anti-theft devices. For more information, visit WarAmps, or call 1-800-250-3030.

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