keytag2010Ottawa, Ontario – Households will begin receiving their 2010 War Amps key tags this week, with a reminder that the tags not only return keys, but expensive electronic fobs and other automotive devices.

The tags go out with a message reminding drivers that May 2010 marks the 65th anniversaries of VE and VJ Day, which ended the war in Europe and Japan. “For those veterans able to return home, it provided an opportunity to reestablish ourselves,” said War Amps CEO Cliff Chadderton in the letter. “For the War Amps, it meant we could start up the key tag service.”

Support of the service helps the association with several programs, including the Child Amputee Program (CHAMP), which provides funding for artificial limbs, along with counselling, regional seminars, and programs like Matching Mothers. The War Amps receives no government funding.

The association said that it received a letter from a supporter who had lost keys and key fob that were subsequently returned by the service, avoiding a replacement cost of more than $400. Since 1946, the War Amps has returned more than one million sets of keys, using tags with confidentially-coded numbers.

For information or to order tags, visit War Amps.

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