June 18, 2007

Wakefield/Castrol awards four scholarships to Canadian high school automotive students

Toronto, Ontario – Wakefield Canada has announced it has awarded four scholarships to Canadian high school automotive students, as part of the Castrol High School Synthetic Oil education project. The company sent educational materials and oil to auto shop classes across Canada, representing over 17,000 technical students.

Each student completed a supplied test based on video and classroom information used in the synthetic oil session. All students who passed the lesson became eligible for $1,000 to aid in their continuing studies, and were randomly chosen from the list of entries.

The 2007 scholarships were awarded to Scott Coker of Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Ontario; Pierre Thibodeau of New Brunswick Community College, Bathurst, New Brunswick; Brandon Lowe of Burnaby Central Secondary School in Burnaby, B.C.; and Pierre Germain Dassylva of Centre La Croiss

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