May 20, 2004

VW to scrap U.S. design focus of new Microbus

VW Microbus
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Wolfsburg/Hanover, Germany – Volkswagen has decided to change the concept for the
planned Microbus from a U.S. focus to an international focus. The original concept,
which was designed primarily for the U.S. market, was first shown at the 2001
Detroit Auto Show. “An exclusive focus on the US market would have jeopardized the
success of the Microbus, particularly in view of the continuing unfavourable
exchange rates and market conditions,” said Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder “Our decision
secures worldwide success for the Microbus.”

A larger number of components from the new T5 will be used and the design will be
characterized by an “emotional styling language and an ambitious space concept”,
said a VW news release. The new model is scheduled to go into production in Hanover
in 2007.

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