Over 200 entrants but only one winner

Local Motors has announced their next project after over 200 submissions were entered and many votes were cast for their Local Motors Sports Car platform.

The SF-01, designed by Greg Thompson, came out on top with the most votes in the design competition to be the next automotive project for Local Motors.

Thompson describes the aim of his design is “to be the ultimate affordable high performance track enthusiast platform on the market.” It combines the open-frame look of the Ariel Atom with some swoopy bodywork, Hella bi-xenon headlights, Dodge Dart taillights, and universal motorcycle LED indicators.

The car was also engineered from the start with the ability to house a multitude of engine options thanks to a long underhood area and ability to swap out hoods to match clearance requirements.

Expect to see real versions of Thompson’s design in a couple of years.

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