BURNABY, BC, – If you travel on what you think is the worst road in B.C., the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) wants to hear about it. Until April 23, you’re invited to “vote” for the road in your community or on your commute that you feel is most in need of repair or redesign, as part of BCAA’s second “Worst Roads” campaign. The organization wants to help you voice concerns about congestion, potholes, road signs, traffic lights or pedestrian and cycling safety.

The survey is open to BCAA Members and other B.C. residents. You can nominate your “worst road” by visiting bcaa.com/worstroads

“As a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, roads that are deteriorating, inadequately maintained or poorly designed affect your pocketbook, stress level and personal safety,” says Ken Cousin, BCAA’s associate vice-president of Road Assist. “By voting, you can draw some attention to rough, unsafe or inefficient roads in your community.”

After voting closes, BCAA will share detailed results with municipalities and the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to ensure they are aware of road users’ concerns, and to find out how they are planning to improve B.C.’s problem roads and highways.

Throughout the campaign, you can check the website bcaa.com/worstroads to see where your road ranks and which roads are close to taking the title of “B.C.’s Worst Road”. Once final results are tallied, a list of the Top 20 “Worst Roads” in B.C. will be published.

“We recognize a great deal of road work is being done throughout the province,” notes Cousin. “The intent of this campaign is not to criticize the state of B.C.’s roads generally but to help British Columbians bring attention to those roads that may have been overlooked, and to help municipalities and the province in their plans for future road improvements.”

While this is BCAA’s second year to conduct this campaign, similar surveys conducted by CAA affiliates in other provinces have shown that strong voices can make a difference. In Ontario, for example, where CAA’s ‘Worst Roads’ Campaign has run for eight years, over 90 percent of the roads that achieved Top 20 “Worst Road” status in previous years have either been fixed, or are in the process of being fixed.

The BCAA “Worst Roads” survey defines a ‘worst road’ as any piece of paved infrastructure—including a bridge or tunnel—that exhibits the following characteristics:

has damaging potholes
needs resurfacing
is unsafe and contributes to frequent accidents
is often heavily congested
has inadequate road markings or signs
is poorly designed for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to share safely


Worst Road?

Worst Road?

Source: Canada Newswire / BCAA

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