New York, New York – Volvo cars has been named the recipient of the American “Traffic Safety Achievement Award” at this year’s World Traffic Safety Symposium in New York for its Volvo City Safety technology. The system, developed in-house, helps drivers to avoid low-speed collisions.

“City Safety is yet another example of Volvo’s aim to utilize real-world traffic situations to develop solutions to prevent accidents,” said Jonas Ekmark, head of preventive safety at Volvo Cars Safety Centre. “It is extremely gratifying that we are now being acknowledged with this prestigious award.”

Volvo will be the world’s first to install City Safety on a vehicle when it debuts later this year on the all-new XC60. The company said that approximately 75 per cent of all collisions are at speeds less than 30 km/h; in 50 per cent of cases, the driver does not brake before the collision, usually due to insufficient concentration. If the vehicle in front brakes suddenly and City Safety assesses that a collision is imminent, the brakes are prepared for action, and if the driver does not take action, the car is braked automatically.

Volvo said it is currently involved in negotiations with several insurance companies in Europe that are considering an insurance premium discount of up to 30 per cent for cars equipped with City Safety.

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