March 6, 2002

Volvo unveils Adventure Concept Car 2

Volvo Adventure Concept 2

Volvo Adventure Concept 2

Volvo Adventure Concept 2

Volvo Adventure Concept 2

Volvo Adventure Concept 2
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Two months after introducing the new Volvo XC90 in Detroit, Volvo Cars has introduced a glimpse into the future of the Volvo Cross Country.

“The Volvo XC90 is the perfect choice for people who want nothing other than a unique, thoroughbred Sports Utility Vehicle, while the Cross Country, or Volvo XC70, as it will be called from model year 2003, continues to attract those who prefer a Sports Utility inspired car,” said Hans-Olov Olsson. “The ACC2 is a car for the demanding winter adventurer.”

The Volvo ACC2 engine and chassis are the same as in the Volvo Performance Concept Car. Under the hood of the Volvo ACC2, there is a potent version of the Volvo five-cylinder, 2435 cc engine, producing 300 hp and no less than 295 ft. lbs. of torque, mated to a six-speed, compact, four-shaft semi-automatic gearbox developed. The “Up” and “Down” gear-shift buttons are integrated in the steering wheel, while the reverse button is positioned on the center console.

The ACC2 also features a Continuously Controlled Chassis and electronically-controlled All Wheel Drive. With 18 inch studded tires developed by Michelin, these run-flat winter shoes hug the road and help maintain control should a sudden loss of air pressure occur. The headlamps are connected with the vehicles GPS package. Depending on where the vehicle is, it can adjust the headlamps for left or right hand traffic conditions.

The interior includes a new seat design, a completely flat loading area, visible safety features and a centre console packed with state-of-the-art information technology. The centre console is a “utility belt” with docking facilities for a range of gadgets, including a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), camera and digital video camcorder. The smart, portable PDA includes a telephone and a GPS unit. When you take it out of the car, it uses blue-tooth technology to send and receive information.

Perhaps the ACC2’s most eye-catching feature is the 2 + 2 seat configuration and its new seat design. The thin profile of the seat is inspired by both the rounded classic design of Scandinavian chairs and the dynamic shape of racing car seats.

In the ACC2, the criss-cross safety belt, which was introduced in the Safety Concept Car (SCC) last year, is by no means the only detectable safety feature. The doors’ safety bars are actually hand grips that promote the safety cage. The airbag in the steering wheel is visible through frosted
glass as are the first-aid and toolbox kits, integrated into the front doors.

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