Göteborg, Sweden – For the third consecutive year, Volvo is the top-selling premium brand in Russia, with 21,041 cars sold in 2008.

The best seller was the XC90, which accounted for more than one-third of sales. “The broad offer of XC vehicles in the SUV segment made Volvo the leader in Russia,” said David Thomas, president of Volvo Car Russia. “XC70 and XC90 are the key drivers of sales growth in 2008.”

The XC70 increased its sales volume by 90 per cent, and the XC90 by 17 per cent, when compared to 2007, when Volvo sold a total of 21,077 cars in Russia. The new XC60, launched in 2008, also sold 190 vehicles.

“Volvo’s success in Russia is explained by the fact that Russians appreciate the brand’s safety focus and Scandinavian design,” Thomas said. “At the same time, Volvo is regarded as a car that can handle the sometimes severe climate of Russia.”

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