July 4, 2002

Volvo to premiere 2003 S60R in Paris

2003 Volvo S60R
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Volvo will introduce a limited production S60R at the Paris auto show on September 26, 2002. The S60R will incorporate many of the technologies and performance of the exotic Volvo Performance Concept Car including an advanced active suspension system, 300 hp engine with 6-speed manual gearbox and electronically controlled all-wheel-drive. A V70R wagon, based on the same technology, will be unveiled at the same time.

The active suspension system has three driver-controlled settings: Comfort, Sport and Advanced Sport. Each gives the car a unique character and optimizes the suspension for the driving situation. Three discreet buttons on the dashboard control suspension programming.

  • The “Comfort” setting creates a softer ride and helps insulate the interior from the bumps and vibrations of an uneven road surface.

  • The intermediate setting – “Sport” – provides optimum performance during normal sporty driving. This is the default setting for the system.
  • The “Advanced Sport” setting transforms the Volvo S60R into an uncompromising sports sedan, applying the full benefit of the active suspension system to the road-holding and handling of a car with 300 hp.

At the core of this versatility is the unique Four-C Technology, the Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept first shown on the Performance Concept Car. Using precise monitoring equipment and ultra high-speed information processing, the Four-C system reads a variety of data on the car’s performance and the driver’s activity. Every other millisecond, i.e. 500 times per second, Four-C updates the setting on each shock absorber, on the basis of the continuous information collected from seven sensors. Collected data from the sensors include vertical position and rate of rotation of each wheel, steering inputs, yaw angle, throttle and brake pedal position, and engagement of the all-wheel-drive system. These signals are transmitted to the Four-C control module, that computes pitch, roll and yaw rates of the vehicle and adjust shock valve damping to maintain a horizontal attitude relative to the road.

The Volvo S60R’s electronically controlled all-wheel drive (AWD) system works in concert with the Four-C suspension to optimize road holding and stability. With its extremely short engagement and disengagement time, the AWD system can react immediately to the throttle position and the torque of
the engine. Like Four-C, the AWD interfaces with the car’s Multiplex computer system, which is capable of managing large quantities of information.

Under the hood of the Volvo S60R is a twin-turbocharged 2.5 litre, 5-cylinder engine, which provides 300 hp and 295 ft/lbs of torque at 2,100 rpm. A compact 6-speed manual gearbox, newly developed by Volvo Cars, helps accelerate S60 R from 0-100km/h in 5.8 seconds (preliminary figure) with an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h. A 5-speed automatic transmission with sequential Geartronic shifting feature is also available.

The brakes of the Volvo S60R employ four-piston aluminum Brembo brake calipers on 330 mm discs, stopping the car from 100 km/h in a distance of 36 metres.

Other features if the Volvo S60R:

  • five-spoke alloy wheels with a discreet R logo, available in 17″ and 18″ diameters, with Pirelli’s P-Zero Rosso 235/45 or 235/40 tires,

  • Bi-Xenon headlights
  • a completely new front treatment, with larger air intakes and spoiler to provide effective cooling of the engine and two intercoolers.
  • optional deep contoured untreated aniline leather sports seats, a natural leather which, with time, takes on a completely individual patina.

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