Göteborg, Sweden – Volvo has announced it will work jointly with Siemens to advance the technical development of electric cars, including electrical drive technology, power electronics and charging technology that it will integrate into its Volvo C30 Electric vehicles.

The first cars will be on test tracks as early as the end of this year. Beginning in late 2012, the automaker will deliver a test series of up to 200 vehicles to Siemens, which will then be tested and validated under real-life conditions as part of a Siemens internal test fleet.

Volvo said that the partnership gives Siemens the chance to extend its industrial leadership in electric drive technology into the automotive market, while giving the automaker access to proven and efficient technology for the electrification of its future vehicles.

Volvo will start small-scale production of the Volvo C30 Electric this year and next year will start selling the Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid.

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