March 6, 2006

Volvo returns to original logo

Göteborg, Sweden – Volvo has announced that, after many years of placing its logo in a less prominent position, it will return the iron symbol to its traditional spot in the centre of the grille.

The logo is almost 80 years old and relates to the company’s earliest days, when financial backer Svenska Kullagerfabriken, or SKF, reactivated one of its idle companies in 1926 to produce automobiles. The company, Volvo, had been formed in 1915 to manufacture automotive bearings, but had been idle since 1920. When the company was reactivated, the logo was designed, using a circle with an arrow that was the ancient chemical symbol for iron. The diagonal band that completes the logo dates from 1927, when it was necessary to keep the chrome badge in place. Today, it is used as a decorative item on all Volvo grilles.

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