31652_1_5[1]Göteborg, Sweden – Volvo has “gone naughty” with its all-new S60, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, featuring a new campaign with a series of films on its Web site. The aim is for driving pleasure, world-class design and innovative safety to attract more customers to the Volvo brand.

“The all-new Volvo S60 is a particularly dynamic car with an exciting design and innovative safety features,” said Michael Persson, director of global marketing communications. “We are showing what it can actually do and just how much fun it is to drive.”

A total of twelve short films have been produced at the Volvo test track. Visitors get to choose what test they want to try out from four headlines, and by using the “naughtymeter,” they decide just how naughty the S60 is to be.

The first film shows a slalom test. At level two, a red S60 slips and slides through it, with the question “Want it naughty?” on the screen. With each level, both the speed and thrills rise to new heights. The same principle is applied to the other three films, named Elk Test, Pedestrian Detection and Driving Pleasure.

A stunt driver and the Volvo team planned the various courses and events. “The films haven’t been faked or enhanced in any way,” said Sven de Smet, campaign development manager. “The S60 not only represents the fun side of Volvo, it lives up to its sporty design. Of course we don’t encourage anyone else to drive in this way. Instead, what we wanted was to show that the car can handle all this and more, thanks to its superb dynamic properties and innovative technical solutions.”

Viewers will also be able to suggest ideas for the final test. Five finalists will be presented on the “naughty hub,” with public voting determining the winner at the end of April. That idea will be filmed in Los Angeles in early May. To see the films, visit Volvo Cars.

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