April 10, 2006

Volvo Canada wins CAA award for rescue worker training

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has recognized Volvo Cars of Canada with its 2006 Pyramid Award of Recognition, for Volvo’s efforts to ensure the safety of fire, police and paramedic workers at vehicle crash sites.

The award was presented for online training materials developed by Volvo to help rescue works recognize and disable the sophisticated and potentially dangerous safety systems found in Volvo vehicles. Systems such as airbags can become dangerous to rescue workers if inadvertently deployed during attempts to extricate trapped occupants.

“Volvo has been devoted to safety since the company was founded in 1927,” says Terry Spryopoulos, Vice-President, Marketing for Volvo Canada. “But our safety commitment is not limited to protecting the occupants of Volvo vehicles in a collision. For Volvo, real-world safety requires a holistic vision that includes anyone who may come in contact with a vehicle, whether they are an occupant or not. Working to ensure the safety of rescue workers at crash scenes is an extension of that holistic commitment.”

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