October 4, 2006

Volvo C30 designer has Quebec roots

2007 Volvo C30
2007 Volvo C30. Click image to enlarge

Toronto, Ontario – The all-new 2007 Volvo C30 coupe, which made its public debut at the Paris Auto Show and which will be sold in Canada next year, was designed by Canadian Simon Lamarre.

Born in a suburb of Montreal, Lamarre joined Volvo in 1995 as a clay modeler, just as the company was beginning to adopt computers as essential design tools. As Studio Chief Designer, he was responsible for the interior design of the XC90, which was launched in 2002. He worked on the exterior of the C30 premium compact.

“I definitely enjoy working on something that isn’t mainstream,” Lamarre says. “But the C30 was extra fun because it was stepping away from what people would normally perceive as a Volvo.” He says that Volvo has typically been a family-focused company with vehicles designed to accommodate parents and children, but that the C30 is designed to appeal to singles or couples.

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