Göteborg, Sweden – Volvo will begin production of the Volvo C30 Electric, which will be initially delivered to specified leasing customers in Europe at the end of the summer. The customers will primarily be companies, authorities and government bodies.

The C30 Electric will be delivered to customers in several countries including Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. The company has tested a fleet of about 50 cars since the fall of 2010, mainly internally at Volvo Car Corporation. One of the vehicles was also part of the “One Tonne Life” project, in which a family was given the task of living as climate-smart as possible for six months.

About 250 cars will be built by the end of 2012, and Volvo said that it will possibly make more if market interest takes off.

It is built on the regular assembly line in the Ghent factory and transported to Göteborg for installation of the motor, batteries and other model-specific electronics. The batteries are installed in the fuel tank’s usual location and also in a special compartment in the car’s central tunnel, so that the luggage compartment is unchanged. A full recharge on a regular household power socket takes about seven hours. The operating range is up to 150 kilometres on a full charge, top speed is 130 km /h, and acceleration from zero to 50 km/h takes four seconds.

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