Washington, D.C. – The Volvo Group has announced an academic partnership with Penn State University, its first such venture in North America. Penn State was chosen as part of Volvo’s Academic Partner Program, launched globally in 2009 for research cooperation with selected universities.

“We are very pleased to add Penn State to our Academic Partner Program, which now covers Sweden, France and the U.S.,” said Jan-Eric Sundgren, head of public affairs and environmental issues for the Volvo Group. “This program shows our commitment to form a long-term strategic partnership that will strengthen the competitiveness of both the Volvo Group and our academic partners. Penn State already had ongoing activities in several areas such as student co-operative assignments, advanced engineering studies, biofuel research and vehicle system testing, so this partnership was very natural.”

The program encompasses research in areas such as production technology, engine development and automotive safety. The Penn State partnership will specifically target diesel combustion and efficiency, alternative fuels, intelligent transportation systems, and vehicle and driver safety systems.

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