Göteborg, Sweden – Volvo Car Corporation and the Swedish National Road Administration have announced a collaboration to avoid or lessen the effects of road collisions. The declaration of intent was signed at a traffic safety seminar in Tylösand by Volvo Cars’ president and CEO Fredrik Arp and the Swedish National Road Administration’s general director Ingemar Skogö.

The Road Administration has worked on a zero-vision approach since 1997, while Volvo presented a vision in 2007 with an aim to design vehicles that do not crash. The company said that in the short term, this means that by the year 2020, no one should be injured or killed in a Volvo.

Ensuring a safe traffic environment requires cooperation between manufacturers, drivers and the authorities responsible for roads and related infrastructure. The two will now work together on a variety of issues, including the search for additional ways that vehicles and roads can communicate to reduce the number of risky traffic situations.

“Our new safety vision helps focus efforts and it also helps us take the development steps that are essential in order to maintain our leading position in the field of safety,” Arp said. “Our cooperation with the Swedish National Road Administration benefits both parties and helps us make the right priorities.”

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