Aug 20, 2007

Volo Auto Museum acquires Princess Diana’s Chicago Rolls-Royce

Volo, Illinois – A 1996 Rolls-Royce that transported Princess Diana during a trip to Chicago has been acquired by the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois for an undisclosed sum. The vehicle is now on permanent display at the museum.

The black car belonged to Vernon Smith, a Rolls-Royce dealer who was contacted by the British Consulate in 1996 to arrange transportation for the Princess of Wales for a three-day trip to Chicago and Evanston. The car took her from the airport to her hotel, and to symposiums, hospitals and a benefit gala where she raised money for cancer research. The Princess was killed in a car crash in Paris fourteen months later.

The car was subsequently purchased by a Las Vegas woman and then reacquired by Smith; it was purchased by Volo Museum founder and owner Greg Grams for an undisclosed price. The car is now shown with portraits of the Princess and photographs taken during the Chicago visit. For more information, visit

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