August 16, 2002

Volkswagen unveils new Touran compact van

VW Touran
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Wolfsburg, Germany – Volkswagen will be adding a new compact van, the Touran, to its European lineup in the first quarter of 2003. The company did not say whether the Touran will be available in North America.

The Touran is Volkswagen’s second minivan in Europe, following the larger Sharan. Notable features of the Touran, which is 4.39 m long, 1.79 m wide and 1.63 m high, include a versatile interior layout and ample space, equivalent to a vehicle with significantly larger overall dimensions. The interior, which can be equipped with up to seven separate seats, has the versatility in use and extensive safety features.

The Touran is a name formed from the term ‘Tour’ and the name ‘Sharan’. ‘Tour’ symbolises travel in comfort over long distances, and the ending ‘-an’ is used to indicate Volkswagen’s multi-purpose vehicles. The complete name is representative of the leisure-oriented target group with its multitude of activities to whom this new compact midsize-class Volkswagen MPV will appeal.

The Touran will be available in three equipment and trim versions, and sales will start with a choice of three FSI and TDI engines, developing between 74 kW (100 bhp) and 100 kW (136 bhp). During the year, further engine options will be offered. A unique feature in this market segment so far: all FSI-and TDI-engined models will have a standard six-speed gearbox. As an optional extra, a new, innovative six-speed automatic transmission will be available, and will combine the advantages of a manual gearbox with those of an automatic transmission in an entirely new way.

The Touran features an entirely new four-link rear suspension layout which, in conjunction with electro-mechanical power steering, makes it extremely agile.

The Touran has five seats as standard equipment, and a versatile interior layout. The three individual seats in the second row can be easily repositioned, folded or removed entirely. The two full-size seats in the third row can be folded down into the floor, so that the Touran can carry seven people; this feature is an optional extra. The Volkswagen Touran’s seat concept permits more than 500 different positions and layouts, and is therefore unsurpassed in its versatility. With five seats in use, the load area has a capacity of more than 600 litres; the maximum payload limit is above 650 kilograms.

With front airbags and side airbags for the first and second rows of seats and active front-seat head restraints, the Volkswagen Touran has a comprehensive safety system that sets new standards in this segment of the market. Lap-and-shoulder seat belts are provided at all seven seats for the passengers’ safety. Disc brakes at front and rear, with ventilated front discs, ABS and ESP including a Braking Assistant ensure that the active safety level is equally high.

Depending on the chosen equipment, it provides up to 39 storage spaces. They include storage compartments under the seats, in the centre and roof consoles, in the fascia, in the doors and in the load area; there are also cup holders for each row on seats.

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