March 13, 2006

Volkswagen Touareg now part of Universal Studios theme park ride

Auburn Hills, Michigan – As part of a new cooperative marketing agreement with Universal Studios, Volkswagen has become part of the “Revenge of the Mummy” thrill ride at Universal Studios’ theme parks in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida.

A Volkswagen Touareg wrapped in mummy-like cloth greets visitors to the attraction, which features a roller coaster ride through a world of angry mummies, dramatic explosions and vengeful creatures.

Last year, Volkswagen and NBC Universal announced the creation of a multi-year global marketing alliance. Universal will incorporate Volkswagen’s products and brands in its films, DVDs, theme parks and other entertainment properties, while Volkswagen will support NBC Universal’s media- and entertainment-related properties through international marketing and promotional efforts. Earlier this year, Volkswagen sponsored Universal’s film “King Kong”, and a Touareg was used in the movie’s production.

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