June 7, 2006

Volkswagen to produce flexible-fuel only for Brazil

Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil – Volkswagen Brazil is halting production of gasoline-only models for domestic sales and will produce all its gasoline engines as flexible-fuel-capable, according to a report issued by the Green Car Congress. While a number of automakers offer flexible-fuel vehicles (FFV) in Brazil, Volkswagen is the first to switch entirely across its entire line-up.

The company introduced the 1.6-litre Goal FFV in March 2003, followed by the 1.0-litre Fox in October 2003; since then, it has sold 575,111 FFVs through April 2006. More than 75 per cent of all new vehicles sold in Brazil are FFV; the country sells E100 (100 per cent ethanol) and E25 (25 per cent ethanol) at its gas stations.

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