May 29, 2006

Volkswagen to drop diesels in U.S. due to emissions requirements, report says

Detroit, Michigan – Volkswagen of America will drop the diesel versions of the Jetta, Golf and Beetle from its U.S. line-up for model year 2007 due to their inability to meet stricter new emission standards nationwide, according to a report cited by the Green Car Congress.

Currently, Volkswagen only sells diesels in states covered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions requirements; the diesels do not meet the tougher California standards and so are not sold in California, Massachusetts, Maine, New York or Vermont. The phase-in of the EPA Tier 2 standards this year will see the EPA and California standards converge. The report says that Volkswagen will offer a diesel version of the Touareg in 2007, and plans to build extra model-year 2006 diesel Jettas which it will sell into the next year. A new “fifty-state” diesel Jetta should be available for the 2008 model year.

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