November 19, 2007

Volkswagen Slipstream wins Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge

Volkswagen Slipstream
Volkswagen Slipstream. Click image to enlarge

Los Angeles, California – The Volkswagen Slipstream design sketch was selected as the winner of the Los Angeles Auto Show’s fourth annual 2007 Design Challenge. This year’s theme, RoboCar of 2057, asked eight automotive design studios to depict a vehicle incorporating artificial intelligence, engineered to make life easier and more attractive to consumers 50 years from now.

The judges selected the Slipstream for how well it integrated into personal and work life, the level of innovation and technology, and its unique styling. The two-wheeled, teardrop-shaped Slipstream pods travel upright in a size one-fifth that of a traditional vehicle; on the freeway, it tilts horizontally to be more aerodynamic.

“Thinking 50 years in the future using autonomous driving and artificial intelligence was challenging for our design team,” said Derek Jenkins, Chief of Volkswagen Design. “We truly enjoyed participating in the Design Challenge and winning is a definite plus.”

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