February 12, 2007

Volkswagen showcases clean fuel technologies

Pasadena, California – Volkswagen of America Inc. is showcasing vehicles with lower environmental impact at the Designing Sustainable Mobility Summit, being held at Art Center College of Design in Southern California. Attendees and Art Center students are being given the opportunity to drive VW models running on biodiesel, ultra low sulphur diesel, hydrogen, and highly efficient gasoline engines on public roads.

At the event’s Green Cars/Pasadena ride-and-drive, VW is fielding a Touareg V10 TDI running on B5 biodiesel, a mixture of conventional ultra low sulphur diesel and renewable biodiesel. The company also showed a twin charger gasoline engine Jetta TSI, which uses a supercharger and exhaust-driven turbocharger, and the Touran HyMotion hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

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