November 14, 2002

Volkswagen Lupo wins environmental award again

Wuppertal, Germany – Since 1997, the OKO-TREND environment institute has drawn up an annual list of the most environmentally acceptable cars, with the aim of advising fleet operators before they purchase.

Once again, the VW Lupo 3L TDI, which offers fuel consumption of only 3 litres per 100 km (94 mpg), has won first place.

This year the institute subjected no fewer than 1,160 cars to its critical examination. With its FSI technology, Volkswagen is progressing steadily towards more and more economical cars. FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) adapts the direct injection principle familiar from diesel models to the spark-ignition engine and offers greater driving pleasure allied to low fuel consumption.

The OKO-TREND ranking is an overall assessment that takes aspects of environmental protection into account in production, purchasing and logistics as well as fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and noise levels when the cars are in motion. Recycling and environmental management are also taken into consideration.

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