Ads directed by Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn

Lincoln is in dire need of sales these days. Their current lineup of cars and utilities doesn’t really stir any emotion nor resonate well with a number of those looking in the luxury segment (except maybe livery services).

The Blue Oval’s luxury brand hopes to change that with a new model: Matthew McConaughey.

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The Lincoln MKC is on dealer lots now and McConaughey is here to try to sell it to us with deep messages about looking into your past to find…something. He also runs away from a bull.

The eerie nature of the ads should be no surprise after you realize Nicolas Winding Refn, the director of Drive, is behind them. While the director can certainly make magic on the silver screen, I’m not too sure that talent is transferrable to 30 second spots segmenting episodes of The Real Housewives of Insert Location Here.

Check out the videos below before McConaughey implodes under the weight of his own existential crisis.


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