Tesla and SpaceX founder wants to put you in a bullet and shoot you down a barrel. And you will pay for the privilege.

As we become more and more focused on quicker, easier, and greener ways to transport ourselves around the world, one new (yet old) technology is starting to get a bit of traction (at least in the figurative sense).

Evaculated Tube Transport is not a new idea. It is a system which enables one to travel from New York to Los Angeles in less than an hour or DC to China in 2 hours. It’s the fiber optic internet of transportation.

Essentially, you are placed in a capsule with you travelling companions and placed in a tube. Within the tube, magnets create a near-zero friction environment while a dearth of air within the tube ensures no wind resistance. Think of it as a mag-lev train without having to deal with aerodynamics.

Colorado-based ET3 is now trying to make this type of transport a reality. The company is planning a 3 mile test track to do feasibility testing. In theory, the infrastructure for this kind of transport should cost 1/10th that of high-speed rail or 1/4th the cost of a traditional freeway.

[Source: AutoBlogGreen]

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