Bugatti is aiming to once again build the world’s fastest production car

Volkswagen’s ultra high-end luxury brand Bugatti is once again seeking to be the manufacturer of the world’s fastest production car after the title was nabbed away from the French marque by Texan tuning house Hennessey Performance.

The 1,200 hp Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was capable of a top speed of 431 km/h, worthy of the world’s fastest production car title, until Hennessey Performance rolled out their Lotus Exige-based Venom GT.

Bugatti plans to gain back this title by building a hybrid, much like other supercar automakers have been doing recently. The Veyron replacement would once again have a W16 engine, but this time would be paired with an electric powertrain, good for a combined 1,500 hp.

“The new model will not be less exciting than the Veyron,” a spokeswoman for Bugatti told Reuters. “Our customers have certain expectations.”

It was previously reported the much anticipated Galiber sedan as well as a 1,500 hp ‘Super Veyron’ was axed in favour of building a next-generation Veyron, now expected to be sold with the same 1,500 powerplant.

The Veyron entered production in 2005 after being acquired by Volkswagen in 1998. Out of 450 planned production units, only 20 remain unsold. This new 1,500 hp model is said to debut in 2015.

[Source: Reuters]

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