May 17, 2007

Veridian Corporation now driving first plug-in hybrid solar electric vehicle in Canada

Durham, Ontario – Ontario energy and transportation companies Solera, Veridian and Hymotion have announced that their collaboration on an advanced vehicle technology project has now completed its second stage. Their plug-in hybrid, which earlier received rechargeable batteries by Hymotion, now has solar panels on its roof, and is being test-driven by Veridian.

The roof, provided by Solera Sustainable Energies Company, consists of three solar panels that will generate up to 240 watts in full sunshine. The panels were manufactured locally by Open Energy Corporation.

The vehicle will also be charged from solar panels located at the Veridian head office. The new sunroof can allow the vehicle to travel up to an additional 14 km in electric-only mode on a sunny summer day. Veridian has a number of hybrid vehicles from GM and Ford in its “green fleet”, and is investigating retrofits of these vehicles, as well as optimizing the use of ultra-low-sulphur diesel in its truck fleet.

The plug-in hybrid solar electric vehicle project is being supported in part by the Local Distribution Company Tomorrow Fund, a utility industry fund established to finance research projects that advance innovation in Ontario’s electricity distribution sector. The vehicle was recently displayed at the Green Living Show in Toronto.

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