August 5, 2003

Vehicle sales climb in July but VW, BMW, and Ford decline

General Motors sales were up 12.5% in July. Compared to July 2002, car sales for the month were 21,050 units, up 6.1 per cent, and truck sales were 22,079 units, up 19.3 per cent.

DaimlerChrysler Canada also reported increased sales with cars up 11 percent, trucks up 5.5 percent and combined vehicle sales up 6.9 percent. A total of 17,630 vehicles – 4,463 cars and 13,167 trucks – were sold in July.

Ford truck sales of 15,724 were up 4.4 per cent, but car sales dropped significantly: Ford car sales of 6,597 were 20.3 per cent below last year.

It was a record month for Toyota, with sales of 9,670 cars beating last July by 5.2 per cent, and sales of 3,930 trucks up 27.7 per cent. Combined monthly Toyota car and truck sales of 13,600 were up 10.8 per cent for the month.

Nissan also reported its best July ever with car and truck sales at 5,348 units sold.

Honda reported sales of 12,830 units, but didn’t report whether this was an increase or decrease.

Volkswagen’s sales dropped a whopping 30%. July sales of 2,869 were down from last July’s sales of 3,733.

Luxury car sales were generally higher when compared with July of 2002.

Lexus’ July sales of 785 were up 48.4% over last July, a record.

Infiniti celebrated its best July ever with 688 vehicles sold – up 2.1% over the previous July. This marks the seventeenth consecutive month that Infiniti has broken all previous monthly sales records in Canada.

Audi Canada recorded its best July sales since 1986, selling 651 cars in July, an increase of 3.5%.

BMW July sales dipped 17% to 1,005. BMW Canada also sold 266 Minis.

Acura reported sales of 2,170 units.

Porsche sales of 145 decreased 19 percent over last July.

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