September 27, 2005

Vancouver’s Main Street to become national transit showcase

Vancouver, B.C. – Main Street, one of Vancouver’s oldest and busiest transit corridors, will receive a $7.7 million makeover in the next twelve months, as part of the Urban Transportation Showcase Program. The project will be jointly funded by Transport Canada, the City of Vancouver and TransLink.

The Urban Transportation Showcase Program is a five-year federal program created to demonstrate, evaluate and promote effective strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from urban transportation. The Main Street project will receive more than $1.3 million from the program.

The project, slated to be completed in late 2006, will create improved transit services, wider sidewalks, better street furniture, more trees and new street art. A key feature will be curb extensions on street corners, which will become bus stops, allowing trolleys to load and unload passengers without leaving the traffic lane. This improves transit travel time and reliability, opens up more storefront parking, and makes intersection crossings shorter and safer for pedestrians.

The project will fit in with TransLink’s $270 million trolley bus fleet. The street will remain open to traffic during construction, with most activity confined to curb parking lanes. Construction updates will be posted on the Road Ahead section of the City of Vancouver’s Web site at

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