August 24, 2007

Vancouver remains Canada’s hotspot for vehicle theft

Vancouver, British Columbia – Statistics released recently by Statistics Canada show that Vancouver has one of the highest per-capita rates of vehicle theft in Canada, at more than 53 per cent higher than the national average. The city is also 15 per cent higher than Montreal and 153 per cent higher than Toronto; an estimated 16,000 vehicles will be stolen in Vancouver this year.

Vehicle recovery company Boomerang Tracking, which is launching two new LoJack recovery products in the B.C. market, says that drivers should use a common-sense approach to locking doors and taking precautions; use an alarm system or steering lock; drive a vehicle equipped with an immobilizer; and equip their vehicles with a covertly-installed vehicle tracking and recovery system.

Vehicle theft occurs in British Columbia more than 80 times per day, but while over two-thirds of respondents to a survey commissioned by Boomerang Tracking believed that B.C. has a theft rate above average, almost half stated they were “not worried” about having their own vehicles stolen.

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