May 29, 2007

Vancouver-based firm creates ‘Fuels of the Future’ display

Vancouver, British Columbia – Vancouver-based AldrichPears Associates has hired Rare Method of Calgary, Alberta to create an interactive kiosk presentation for the Desert Living Center in Las Vegas. The display will educate and inform visitors about alternative-fuel vehicles in use around the world.

“The Fuels of the Future interactive display will feature 2-D animation, music, text and voice-overs displayed on a wide-screen plasma monitor,” says Tom Short, Vice-President of Rare Method. “The presentation creates an experience for visitors that they are in the driver’s seat, motoring down a desert highway.”

Along the way, visitors will be educated and informed about various types of alternative fuels available, and the types of vehicles that use them. Through visual and audio prompts, visitors will be encouraged to turn off at various exits such as Biodisel Blvd., Ethanol Ave., Hydrogen Junction, Electric Alley, and Hybrid Crescent.

The kiosk is an integral part of the Desert Living Center, which shows Las Vegas residents how to conserve water and live sustainably in the desert. ‘Fuels of the Future’ is expected to begin receiving visitors in June 2007.

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