Vancouver, British Columbia – With extreme rainfall hitting much of B.C., the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is reminding drivers to slow down, keep their distance, and use extra caution on the roads.

In November 2008, police reported approximately 340 crashes on B.C. roads in which bad weather was a contributing factor. All drivers should plan ahead, and check Drive BC for road and weather conditions.

With heavy rainfall and darker conditions, ICBC recommends the following:

– Slow down and keep your distance: it’s the number-one road safety tip, especially in fall conditions. It can take up to three times the normal stopping distance to come to a complete stop on wet or slippery roads.

– Turn off the cruise control: wet roads can cause wheels to spin and the driver to lose control. The only way to stop wheels from spinning and maintain control is to immediately reduce power, but an active cruise control system applies continuous power and keeps the wheels spinning.

– Avoid flooded roads. Fall leaves clog sewers and add to heavy rainfall, with many roads becoming slippery and flooded. Try to avoid driving through a flooded area even at low speed, as it can stall the vehicle’s engine and reduce braking ability.

– Don’t drive with bald or badly-worn tires. Check the tread by putting a toonie into it. If the tread doesn’t reach the coin’s gold centre, it’s time for replacement.

– Turn on low-beam headlights and wipers. This is a good time of year to replace worn windshield wipers.

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