Urban EcoCab
Urban EcoCab. Click image to enlarge

Toronto, Ontario – A new environmentally-friendly pedal-powered taxi has been unveiled in Toronto, providing downtown commuters with a unique and memorable way to move around the city. Unveiled in honour of today’s Earth Day, the EcoCab will officially open for service in the city on May 1.

Already popular in major European and other global markets, the EcoCab runs primarily on the pedal-power of its driver and, when required, is supported by a rechargeable electric battery. The vehicle can reach speeds of up to 12 km/hr.

“Canadians and Torontonians are ready and open to making changes in their lives to benefit the environment,” said William Kozma, president of GO Mobile Media. “EcoCab is easy and fun for commuters and provides opportunity to help reduce our daily carbon footprint.”

Supported by corporate sponsors, EcoCab will deploy an opening fleet of 28 cabs in Toronto this summer to shuttle consumers. The company intends to expand its operation in Toronto and services in other major Canadian cities next year, including Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. The sponsorship allows rides to be offered free of charge.

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